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Blomeyers Electrical offers a wide variety of Solar Installation and Backup power services throughout Pietermaritzburg, midlands and the greater KwaZulu-Natal area. Blomeyers Electrical can supply, install, and maintain Solar and Backup installations in both the Residential and Commercial Sectors.

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Solar Installation Services

Solar Backup Power Installations

Solar backup power solutions can come in different shapes and sizes. Either you can get “off-the-grid” or implement a hybrid solution. Solar backup power installations typically comprise of 3 main areas: Solar Panel or PV Panel Installation, Inverter Installation and Battery Installation. It is also important to mention that making sure these 3 components can “speak” to each other is important. 

Solar installations are unfortunately not a “one size fits all” solution. Each installation is unique depending on a variety of factors. These include: 

  • Residential vs Commercial
  • Are you using solar as a backup solution or are you hoping to get off the grid?
  • Your Power Consumption
These factors are just the tip of an iceberg. Sound too complicated? Don’t worry, we’re the experts!

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Being Installed on Roof

Solar panels typically sit on a building roof with good access to sunlight. Solar panels can also be called “PV Panels” which stands for “Photovoltaic panel”. 

We offer solar panel installation services throughout Pietermaritzburg, the midlands and greater KwaZulu-Natal area. 

Inverter Installation

Inverter and Battery Mounted on the wall.

Inverters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are “Smart” and can connect to an app on your phone, while others are more simple. The inverter is responsible for converting the inconsistent power from your solar panels into a consistent current. They’re also responsible for charging your batteries from either your main electrical supply or solar panels. When you need to use the backup power, the inverter converts the current from a lower voltage to a 220v – 240v current that you can use to power your appliances. 

Blomeyers Electrical can do Inverter Installations throughout the Midlands and greater KwaZulu-Natal area. 

Battery Installation

A common misconception with Solar Backup Power is that the power comes from the solar panels. This is only partially true. The solar panels are primarily responsible for charging the batteries through the inverter. 

Batteries tend to be one of the most expensive components in a solar backup power system. Choosing the right battery for your backup system is important. Every solar system will have different battery requirements. This is why it is important to get a professional in to aid you with this process. 

Solar Installation Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Install a full residential Solar System?

The solar back up power solution that is most suitable for your needs will vary. Depending on the size of the installation it could take between 2 and 5 days for a full installation. If you’re operating on a deadline, we’d recommend contacting our team for a more accurate timeline and quote.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

Depending on your energy consumption needs, it could take anything from 1 to 7 days. If you are unsure, contact our team so they can give you a more accurate timeline and quote. 

How much is a solar panel in South Africa?

Like a car, when it comes to solar panels, you get what you pay for. Solar panels can be anything from R1800 to R5000.

How much does a residential solar system cost?

Solar back up solutions are incredibly personal. Your mileage will vary depending on the size of your house and your energy needs. Typically a residential installation for a 3 bedroom house costs anywhere between R50 000 and R200 000. If you would like a more accurate quote get in contact with our team. 

What is the difference between a solar panel and a PV panel?

A solar panel and a PV panel are the same thing. “Solar Panel” is the more informal terminology. PV Panel means “Photovoltaic Panel”, all this means is that the panel is able to take light and convert it into energy.