How to Buy a Generator

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Alternative power supplies are increasingly becoming a necessity not just for businesses but now also for our homes. 

Purchasing and installing a generator usually requires a reasonable investment so doing your homework and making the right choice is essential before spending your hard-earned money.

How to choose the right generator.

  1. Determine if you need a three phase or single-phase generator.
  2. Identify the essential equipment you need powered from the generator. This will help you determine the size of generator you need. (Remember you do not want to run your generator at its maximum load capacity for extended periods – Aim for around 75 – 80 %)
  3. Do you need an automated system (start and change over), or can you manage with a manual system?
  4. What fuels will work best for you. – Do you want a petrol, diesel, or gas (Yes Gas) operated generator. 
  5. Do you need a silent generator? (No generator is completely silent so don’t think you will be able sit back with coffee and listen to the crickets while your generator is running)
  6. Do you have enough space to install the generator you need? 
  7. Consider your long-term maintenance costs and availability of spares.
  8. Always make sure that the generator is installed correctly and safely. Particularly, make sure that the Electrical installation – connections, change over and earthing etc complies with the Electrical standards. – SANS 10142-1 (remember electricity can kill)

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