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Electrical Contracting

What is Electrical Contracting?

Electrical contracting is a service offering the design, installation, repair, and testing of electrical components and systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural premises. At Blomeyers Electrical, we have fully certified teams of electricians who are committed to providing first-rate electrical advice and services. With a focus on quality and excellence, we evaluate our electrician’s performance on a monthly basis to ensure top-notch electrical work and exceptional customer service. Our team is not afraid of challenges and is well-prepared to give you peace of mind with even the most complex electrical issues. If you are looking to install something electrical related in your house or check whether you comply with safety regulations, our sought-after expertise and professionalism along with our industry-leading electricians will assist you at your comfort and convenience.

What Electrical Services do we offer?

Compliance Testing

With modern technology and legislation constantly evolving, you may be unsure as to whether or not your property complies with the latest regulations. If you wish to insure your property, or claim back from insurance, you will most likely need to provide a certificate on compliance too. Our certified teams of electricians are ready to assist you by thoroughly testing your electrical installations and equipment to determine insurance risks and areas of non-compliance. Utilising several expert methods, our specialists will evaluate and troubleshoot your electrical systems, isolate issues, and make recommendations for improvement. Through compliance testing, you can enhance the well-being and safety of your property, strengthen your company’s reputation, and prevent injuries and prosecution. With our assistance, you can be assured that your residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural property adheres to the latest electrical regulations.

Electrical Installation, Repairs and Maintenance:

Our innovation-driven team of electricians is committed to providing first-rate electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance throughout Pietermaritzburg, the Midlands, and the greater KwaZulu-Natal area. With top-notch experience and advanced technical knowledge, we have the right experts to assist you, specialising in your residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural premises.

Residential Properties

Whether you need a small repair or a full electrical overhaul, we have the right person to assist you. With your safety and comfort as our priority, our team is ready to come to your home and install, fix, or update your electrical systems and equipment at your convenience.

Industrial buildings, factories, and complexes

In a rapidly changing technological environment, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stay ahead of the competition, while adhering to current regulations. Our certified experts have the expertise to modernise, repair, and maintain your industrial systems, while minimising disruptions, and downtime, improving safety standards and decreasing overall costs for you.


Farms and agricultural businesses are dependent on a constant supply of power that is both reliable and safe. At Blomeyers, we have an experienced team who specialises in conducting electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance in agricultural environments on your property.

Infrared diagnostics

With a focus on prevention, infrared diagnostic testing uses thermal imaging to scan the electrical system of your home or business to pinpoint potential electrical concerns or safety hazards. Our certified team of electricians will inspect your property, including the electrical systems and switchgear, and provide recommendations for urgent repairs and other improvements. There are several benefits to infrared diagnostics testing. This service prevents unnecessary energy consumption, protects you from danger caused by faults which may result in fires, and ultimately saves you costs. 

Power monitoring

Using power monitoring, our specialists are able to evaluate your electrical system’s performance, identify (Remove: “component”) inconsistencies that may lead to high running costs, and find irregularities and patterns in electricity usage. This allows us to easily pinpoint potential faults and make expert recommendations to improve the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of your electrical system. If you are looking to install a new generator, solar system, or something similar, it is essential to assess your energy requirements, before investing in new equipment. Power monitoring allows our team to determine how much power you use so that your new system can support your current activities.