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Backup Power

Solar Backup Power

With the increased frequency of power outages in South Africa, alternative power solutions are becoming an essential addition to homes and businesses.

Solar backup power is an eco-friendly option that’s grown significantly in popularity over the last few years. It can be used as a backup solution during load-shedding or more permanently for those wanting to go “off the grid”.

When setting up your solar backup power system, there are three components that need to be installed: Solar or PV panels, an inverter, and batteries. These three aspects work together in unison to offer you a reliable, uninterrupted power supply, as long as there is adequate sunshine. In sunny South Africa, sunlight is a free and inexhaustible resource.

Solar power is an environmentally friendly solution that will help you save costs in the long term, while reducing your carbon footprint through clean, renewable, and safe electricity.

Solar Installations

At Blomeyers Electrical, we supply, install, upgrade, and maintain solar backup systems across the commercial and residential sectors in Pietermaritzburg, the Midlands, and the greater KwaZulu Natal area.

 To provide a steady supply of electricity, solar panels, also called “PV” or “Photovoltaic” panels, are installed on a roof or frame. Utilising sunlight, the solar panels will charge your batteries through an inverter that then provides power to your home or business.

 Solar backup power installations come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, depending on your energy consumption requirements. Whether you are wanting to go completely “off the grid” or find a hybrid solution, our team has the perfect setup for you. For further questions and to get a quote, contact our team of qualified solar specialists. 

Inverter & Battery Installations

If you find solar too expensive, or just want to get through power outages without staying in the dark, we can setup an inverter and battery system for you. Eskom will still be needed to charge these batteries, but during power outages, the batteries and inverter setup will provide power to your house. At Blomeyers, we offer a wide variety of inverters and batteries to best suit your needs. You can also at a later stage add solar panels to your inverter & battery setup to lower overall power costs or go completely off grid.

Inverters convert the direct current from your solar panels to an alternating current of electricity, which can power your appliances and other electrical equipment. These range from simple, user-friendly systems to ‘smart’ inverters that can connect directly to a mobile phone app or laptop which can then be used to monitor and control your inverter from anywhere in the world.

To store the energy generated by your solar panels, batteries are used, which are generally one of the most expensive parts of your solar backup power system. Allow our qualified technicians to assist you with selecting and installing the most suitable batteries within your budget to provide long-lasting, sustainable power to your home or business.


Growing in popularity across South Africa, generators offer a convenient, versatile alternative power solution to keep your property powered during load-shedding or other outages. Whatever your power consumption needs are, we offer the right solution for you. When selecting a generator, factors to consider include your desired fuel options, required size, budget, and whether you prefer a silent or open frame design. Depending on your requirements, our team has the perfect option for your home or business, ranging from small-scale manual systems to massive automated systems.

Solar Geysers on a roof - pietermaritzburg

Solar Geysers

Tired of cold showers during load-shedding or looking for an opportunity to save on electricity costs? At Blomeyers, we offer a number of geyser options to fit your requirements, ranging from integrating solar with your existing geyser to investing in a completely new system. On average, the power used by geysers accounts for 43% of your electricity bill. Although Investing in a solar geyser can be costly, the system allows you to significantly cut costs in the long run, while reducing your carbon footprint and power usage. When choosing a solar geyser, elements to consider include the size of the solar area needed, your daily water consumption, as well as the size of your geyser/storage vessel. Whatever your requirements are, our qualified team will find the right option for you.