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Appliance Repairs

What is it?

Not many people can afford to purchase a new appliance every time their working one breaks down. Repairing appliances is often cheaper for the average household and has less impact on the environment. At the Appliance Repairs department our technicians will repair
and maintain most appliances ranging from small households to industrial and commercial units keeping them in good working condition and ensuring they run smoothly and safely.

What sub services do you offer?

Appliance Repairs is where our team of technicians will repair and maintain any major household appliances such as fridges, stoves, both electrical and gas, washing machines, dishwashers, and tumble driers along with other appliances.

The Smalls Repairs department is where our technical teams will repair and maintain smaller appliances that households may use. A few of these appliances are coffee makers, urns, and vacuum cleaners. Smalls will also repair and maintain items that aren’t normally part of the average households such as floor polishers, grills, and humidifiers.

At the Industrial Repairs department, our specialists will repair and maintain most industrial appliances on site or in house. This often includes the repairing and maintenance of industrial dishwashers, tumble driers, stoves, and ovens among other things.

We also offer repairs and maintenance on a wide range of air conditioning units and commercial cold rooms.

For most appliances we offer onsite services where you can request repairs and maintenance at your home or business. Alternatively, our collection and delivery service can collect appliances from you, where we will have them repaired at our workshop and delivered back to you.

What is the process?

Should you choose to use our services, contact us with the type of appliance or unit that needs servicing along with its model number and a short description of what’s wrong. This information helps our technicians to identify faults faster and allows them to bring the correct materials to the job when they come out to you if you require a callout. A fee will be required upfront too, which covers transport if you require the callout, collection, or delivery service, the first 45 minutes of labour from the technician which includes a full testing and diagnosis of the faulty appliance as well as a detailed written report along with a quotation to repair any major issues. If the appliance is faulty because of minor issues such as burnt wires or shorting, repairs will be made during the assessment time at no additional cost.