20 Proven Ways To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill This Winter

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Winter is here, and it is proving to be a cold one.

In the past, a cold winter has just meant turning on the heater and getting warm. However, with the rising cost of electricity and hyperinflation, we are needing to cut costs as much as possible.

We have put together a list of ways to help keep the electricity bill down this winter.

Free ways to keep the electricity bill down.

  1. Use curtains wisely.

This may seem super simple, but glass conducts heat well, so if it is a sunny day open up the curtains and let the warmth in. And similarly, as soon as the sun goes down, close up the curtains and keep that warmth inside.

  1. Dress warm and pack on the blankets.

Our bodies are an excellent source of warmth, wearing warm cloths not only keeps cold out, but also keeps the warmth in. Adding extra layers only increases the efficiency on body warmth. So break out the onesies, beanies and blankies and turn the heater off.

  1. Only boil the water you need.

Boiling water uses a lot of power, even more so when the tap water is cold, so the more water in kettle the more power required. If you are making a single cuppa, put enough water for that one cup. The water will boil faster and save you on power.

  1. Swap the bath for the shower.

While a long warm lazy bath might make you nice and warm, bathing uses a large amount of water, often draining a whole geyser in one go. While a short shower uses much less water, it also only uses the water you require, saving the geyser needing to heat all the water.

  1. Only heat the room you are in.

When using a heater, make sure you close the door and windows to that room. Also make sure that windows and doors have a good seal.

  1. Turn off lights.

This is another one that sounds overly simple, but you can easily save electricity by simply turning off a light when you are not using that room.

  1. Lower the temperature on your geyser.

Many newer geysers allow you to adjust the temperature. Lowering this temperature can have a significant impact on how long and how much electricity it takes to reheat your water.

Cheap ways to save on electricity 

  1. Use a hot water bottle.

Filling up a hot water bottle may seem like much more work than switching on the electric blanket, but it will save a stack. Especially, if you ask your granny to knit one of those old school cosies.

  1. Install a geyser blanket.

A geyser blanket is one of the best ways to cut your electricity bill, I keep the water warmer for longer and helps it gets to temperature quicker and are very affordable.

Bonus tip, cover your exterior pipes with split open pool noodles, your water will reach the tap hotter, meaning you turn the hot water down, using less electricity.

  1. Install energy saving shower heads.

You  might be noticing a trend, heating water cost money, and anything you can do to use less hot water or empty your geyser slower will help.

Bonus tip, you can also add flow restricters to your taps to empty your geyser slower.

  1. Switch to LED light bulbs.

LED Lightbulbs are about 75% more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They also last up to 25 times longer. 

  1. Install a geyser timer.

There is absolutely no reason for your geyser to be running and heating water while you and your family are out. Simply install a timer and have it turn on an hour or so before you get home. 

Bonus tip, add a timer to other devices such as TV’s microwaves, dishwashers coffee machines, there is no reason for these to be powered while you are out the house. This could save you up to 10% on your electrical bill.

  1. Install Motion Sensors on outside lights.

Leaving outside lights on all night is a great way to waste money. Simply install motion sensors, and only have your lights on when needed.

  1. Place rugs on tiled floors.

An area run can be much more than decoration, it literally provides an extra layer of insulation. One can even hang a decorative rug on a wall for added insulation.

  1. Make sure doors and windows seal airtite.

Keeping cold air out and warm air in is a simple way to reduce the cost of warming your house.

  1. Install/Check your roof insulation.

And if necessary upgrade. Good insulation is a great way to keep the house warm and help cut down electricity costs.

Expensive long-term electricity saving tips.

  1. Invest in power-efficient appliances.

Yes, energy-efficient appliances are more expensive butt eventually they will not only save you on power, but they also tended to last longer than other appliances.

  1. Install a solar geyser.

South African winters are perfectly suited for solar geysers, our sunny dry winters maximise the sun available to Solar geysers.

  1. Install a heat pump

Heat pumps can be up to 3 times more energy efficient than traditional element geysers. This will  have a large impact on your electricity bill.

  1. Install a solar power system.

Switching to solar is a sure fire way to save on your electricity bill, regardless of what time of year. As mentioned above, Sunny South African winters are ideal for solar.

There are many more ways to save on electricity. However, you don’t be new to do everything at once, start small, turn off the lights, close the curtains and as you see results, improve and improve. I hope you find these tips helpful.

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